My Ocean; the value of art?

Walking through the many exhibits , I was most caught by the ones which invited my participation, some of these demanded a lot of the visitors, whether in time, response, reading or in thinking.

The most prominent theme throughout the biennale relates to sensitisation to climate change.

The Lithuanian pavilion, a definit highlight and winner of this year's biennale, invited people in an operatic performance in two ways, either as a volunteer, laying on the beach for 3 hours, or as a god's like audience, watching the one hour long performance from above, a postion which left the viewer suspended in time.
A picture of society as a self-inflicted struggle which each has  the power to change. All delivered in a relaxing effortless setting of a holiday beach.

An extremely powerful experience which left me both empowered, motivated and in tears.

The Ocean Space- Joan Jonas-
In my search for live art and participation, i was drawn to visit Joan Jonas's at  Ocean Space Venezia (Chi…

Sites of Resistance 2; The chair

During the first two weeks of our work at the pavilion , tensions have emerged regarding the lack of chairs for fellows to rest on during the long shift in the gallery. This generated a series of discussions extended over time between the British Council, the artist, our managers in Venice and oursleves as fellows.
                               Expression of discontent; chairs as a site of resistance at the pavilion

I recorded sites of resistance during this period as a  mode which inspired a direction for this research.

After a month of back and forth discusions( also discussed with the previous group), a chair- one chair- was finally delivered at the pavilion.

'The offending chair'

The chair had received the approval from the artist as an object which could enter the space without disrupting the content of the work, but was soon recognised as uncomfortable and unfit for the purpose of relieving 6 workers in the gallery. 
This chair issue was later solved but nevertheless le…

Giardini visit (and other spaces of interest)

Giardini della Biennale

I have set out to visit the 'Giardini' today, a great part of the biennale wich hosts pavilions from all over the world, including France and UK.
It is my last day off for  the week before going back to working in the British Pavilion. 

As soon as I arrive in the park I realise I feel that I should have worn the dress which i am planning to wear for a performance i am planning to do as part of my search for meaning and sense-making. 

I still have 20 days left, during which I am sure i will see new truth emerging while making sense of the works. 

Spending time with the works of interest will be precious.

Today can be considered as art/sightseeing. 

I can see as many Pavilions as possible and point out the ones that I feel are truly addressing  social engagement. 

I will make some notes about  the ways I think people are engaging.
I will later come back to the dress and shape what i am trying to gather.

There is a lot of art in Venice. 
I am sure I can not resolve  …