Ecotone-Film-Venice 2019

Image Ecotone-  Laurence explores the use of unconventional performative processes to challenge the notion of engagement and reveal what may be the 'true' value of the arts in the global context. Ecotone (Astreida Neimenis, 2012) defines an area of transition between two ecosystems, which also creates connections where rising tensions generate new forms of lives. The work investigates the 'sites of resistance' between the value of art /the value of this international platform within global concerns such as climate change, migration and the more recent Covid concerns. An Ecology of Learning Against the grain, with the flow Since Venice, Laurence has pursued her PhD research study considering live art as a radical pedagogical tool in secondary education. Inspired by her exploration of resistance, water and displacement in Venice She created a new performance; Against the grain, with the flow,   questioning the   potential for  a &#

Sharing Event at aspaceart, Southampton

 In January 2020 aspaceart invited the 3 fellows to present their research work and legacy of the journey in Venice-                                       Performance exploring sites of resistance as places for learning                              Against the Grain, With the flow Against the Grain, With the Flow is a performance exploring the notion of resistance within a progressive and constructivist pedagogie. It was developed on  returning from Venice, after spending a month researching sites of resistance within Venice, the art and the biennale institution. Laurence is in the process of developing a radical PhD research study in live art as an alternative pedagogical tool in secondary education. The research reveals her position as an artist, working against the grain of the system within education, and are unconventional performative strategies to create new forms of learning. The performance considers the relationship

Follow up work; Ecotone-A residency at Winchester School of Art- LOD2-Chapel Arts Studios-

Research work/performance- Ecotone- Ecotone; Defined by Astrida Neimanis (Hydrofeminism..., 2012) as a site of tension between two ecosystems, which also becomes home to new forms of life. Encounters between Water- Light-Body-Concrete-Time- Cyanotype Where the body becomes a site of resistance between Warm Sunlight, Brutal Concrete, Flowing Water  and Passing Life. Water Inside, Outside My skin recording change as it happens, A breathing membrane forms around the body, making, Making sense Sensing meaning A fluid connection.

British Council Blog Post-September 2019

Image Laurence Dube-Rushby - Social Engagement, Participation and Water; Examining the sites of Resistance in Venice and in the artworks at the Biennale. The following words are by Laurence Dube-Rushby whose personal research, while stationed in Venice as a fellow for the Biennale, took a turn towards observing sites of resistance within art installations exhibiting as part of the Venice Biennale, from Laure Prouvost for the French Pavilion to Cathy Wilkes for the British Pavilion.  Social Engagement, Participation and Water; Examining the sites of Resistance in Venice and in the artworks at the Biennale. I set out to research the place of live-art, social practice and engagement in the biennale in response to the curator's call 'May we live in interesting times' (Ralph Rugoff) and the work of Cathy Wilkes.I wanted to visit and research a rang

From Resistance to Permeation

Text: Neimenis, Astrida, ( 2012).  Hydrofeminism,or  On becoming a Body of Water in Undutifull Daughters; Mobilising Future Concepts, Bodies and Subejectivities in feminist Thought and Practice. Near the end of my stay, august fellow, Heather Fulton, from Scotland, invivted a small group to reflect on a text which helped me connect the various meanings and emotions which I had experienced all along. Heather and I found a serendipitous connection when chatting in Venice; Heather is a great friend of Anthony Shrag (former lecturer at University). I cite Sharg's thesis and paper all over my PhD. Schrag, A. (2013)- The Artist as Social Worker Vs. The Artist as Social Wanker-  Statecraft: The Triad of Participation -Blog. Available at :   [Accessed: October 2018] Shrag, A. (2015)-  Agonist

Adrift or Homeward Bound

When away for a month in a place such as Venice, the endless narrow lanes become an ocean in which t one can easily lose oneself. For a month, I walked, ran, swam and navigated Venice. I met people, artworks and sea creatures. The experience took me on an emotional and physical  rollercoaster, exploring my identity as an artist, mother, French native child and researcher of the world. In this post, I wish to share all the best and most striking moments of this month. First night in Venice, San Marco's flood- a strong reminder of  the threat of Climate Change.    Discovering the view from my own bedroom;     Goodnight San Marco      Good morning San Marco     The family leaving at 6.00am, 9th of August; alone with the research... Spinning across exhibits, an alternative mean  to record, understand, make sense- Presenting my research in progress at the

Artist interview; Lilli Muller

Lilli Muller Berlin born artist, currently resident in L.A. Her project in Venice;  WE ARE HUMANITY! A Collective Meditation on Humanity, in response to the global diaspora and displacement of millions of people every day An Immersive Installation, works on paper, videos of the Mandala Project Series by Lilli Muller and footage from video as part of the project “Take Care of Your Garden” curated and organized by GAD Location: Giudecca Arts District – GAD, Project Space 2, Giudecca 211-c, 30133 Venezia /Italy Daily Operations: Tuesday – Sunday: 10am - 6pm Dates: June 21- Aug 11, 2019 “Leap and the net will appear!” Video  "The Mandala Project Desert: Collateral Damage" Video  "The Mandala Project: Venice" Video  I met Lilli at the Giudecca Art District, Venice, in August, where she exhibited for the first 3 months of the Biennale. Unlike most  artists at the biennale, Lilli refused to surrender her work to the han